Atletico De Madrid Are Currently Mourning the death of our partners number 16 and 25

Mourning for the death of our partners number 16 and 25

Our club Atletico De Madrid  is currently in a state of mourning as we lament the passing of our esteemed members Ángel Miguel Ortega (member No. 16) and Cipriano Guerra Cabañas (member No. 25). Ángel Miguel devoted an impressive 79 years to our cherished red and white family, having been officially discharged on August 26, 1944. Similarly, Cipriano Guerra Cabañas, a loyal member since August 8, 1946, demonstrated unwavering dedication and affection for the club throughout his remarkable 77-year tenure.

We express our deepest gratitude and pride for having had them as valued partners, who ardently upheld our club’s colors with enthusiasm throughout their entire lives.

During these challenging times, our president, CEO, other members of the Board of Directors, and all employees extend their heartfelt condolences. We stand united in sorrow with the families and friends of Ángel Miguel Ortega and Cipriano Guerra Cabañas. May they rest in peace.