Controversy surrounds the Real Madrid-Almeria refereeing: “It seems like someone decided we weren’t supposed to win here at the Bernabéu.” (Movie)

At the very end of the match, Real Madrid-Almeria which they defeat them by 3-2. Much controversy and criticism surrounded the match’s officiating, especially from the Almeria players.

Real Madrid fell down bottom-placed Almeria 0–2 at home, but they rallied by goals from Bellingham, Carvajal, and Vinicius to win 3–2. But the first two goals for the Merengues are highly debatable. After the VAR intervened, Bellingham converted a penalty that was incredibly generously awarded, and Vinicius equalized by scoring with his shoulder. There is also disagreement over the 11 minutes of extra time that were awarded, which gave Real the edge in the 99th minute.

After the game, Almeria players voiced their extreme disapproval of the referees. “I believe that someone made the decision that we weren’t worthy of victory at the Bernabéu, and that is what transpired! “I have nothing further to say,” Marc Pubill said. There is much more to hear about Madrid’s victory.